Why ending the “War on Drugs” is critical for health freedom – watch at Brighteon.com

It’s an exceptionally simplistic mindset to think that “drugs are bad,” and thus have to be aggressively prohibited by law enforcement in order to create a “safe” society. The truth is that the endless “War on Drugs” has caused far more harm to society than so-called “drugs” themselves, many of which are actually just plants that society decided to vilify right around the time that Big Pharma grew to monstrous proportions.

During a recent episode of his “The Health Freedom Hub” show, available for viewing at Brighteon.com, Jeff Kanter spoke with David Borden, Executive Director of the group “Stop The Drug War,” to get his take on the ongoing drug war and how it’s many tentacles are harming society in a profound way.

Borden got his start in astrophysics and is also a musician. But he eventually felt called to address the many issues surrounding the War on Drugs, including mass incarceration of innocent people who’ve never harmed anyone. Criminalizing the possession and use of “prohibited” substances, he explains, has been disastrous for freedom, and especially health freedom.

“As a science person, I’m able to think through issues dispassionately, get past some of the assumptions and prejudices and emotions that often crowd this issue,” Borden states during the interview. “As an artistic person, I can imagine a world that’s different from the one we have now.”

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The War on Drugs is a perpetual policy “disaster,” says Borden

As he continued to witness the damage being caused by the War on Drugs, mainly lives being ruined over victimless “crimes,” Borden felt in his heart that it was his duty to speak out for the innocent and the oppressed.

“In terms of my specific journey, I came to feel, at a certain point, that I wanted to help save the world,” he explains.

“I thought maybe I could, and this issue just jumped out at me the more I learned about how the world works. I kept encountering one policy disaster after another flowing directly from our drug laws, or being made much worse because of our drug laws.”

One of the freedoms that’s constitutionally enshrined, but that’s also thwarted by the War on Drugs, is the freedom to grow and use nature. Plants like cannabis (marijuana) and peyote, both of which are on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) “Schedule I” list of prohibited substances, come straight from the ground, so they obviously have a purpose. They were also both legal in our country long before they became illegal.

This departure from liberty and basic common sense was socially engineered, and millions of people were brainwashed into believing that these plants are somehow evil. Fast-forward to today and it remains an uphill battle with some trying to get them to see the issue from a different perspective.

From a public safety standpoint, there are still some people out there who are convinced that leaving prohibition intact is the best thing for the country, mostly because they’re fearful of the “unknown” that comes with reinstating liberty with regards to substances that are currently classified as illegal “drugs.”

“Most people in the world probably tend not to think through issues beyond more than one level … they don’t think about what’s actually going to happen in the real world,” says Borden. “People are afraid to lift controls because they don’t know for sure what’s going to happen next.”

Be sure to hear all of Borden’s insights by watching his interview at Brighteon.com.

You can also keep up with the latest news about the War on Drugs by visiting DrugCartels.news.

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