Government thugs medically kidnap child from new mom who was a victim of sex trafficking

Another state-sanctioned kidnapping of a child has taken place in the “land of the free.” A Maryland couple recently had their newborn daughter forcibly stolen from them by Child Protective Services (CPS) after a pair of rogue pediatricians decided to report them to the state for alleged neglect – though no neglect was taking place.

It all began when first time parents Jennifer Guskin and Scott McFalls home-birthed their precious daughter Iris, who was born slightly underweight. As any good parents would do, the couple sought out answers from multiple pediatricians, none of whom were competent enough to notice that the young girl had a tongue and lip tie.

They continued their search until finding a doctor who seemed knowledgeable and understanding, but it was already too late. Because Iris was born at home somewhat unexpectedly, CPS was immediately alerted in accordance with Maryland state law. Everything from this point on would go downhill until Iris was ultimately seized from her loving parents and taken into state custody.

Wanting to do things as naturally as possible, Iris’ mother decided it was best to breastfeed her daughter on demand – meaning whenever Iris was hungry, Jennifer would feed her. But several pediatricians disagreed, urging Jennifer to feed Iris formula as well, which the little girl couldn’t stomach and repeatedly vomited up.

After going back and forth and cycling through several pediatricians, Jennifer continued to feed Iris naturally, giving her as much natural food as possible, only to see that her daughter was still not gaining weight. So they continued their search for answers, only to eventually receive an unexpected visit from CPS.

One of the pediatricians whom the couple had “fired” for failing to help their daughter apparently called CPS to report “concerns about Iris’ weight.” This same pediatrician also accused the couple of “missing (their) appointment,” which was a lie as they had already indicated that they were seeking out a new pediatrician.

During this time, Jennifer and Scott had found yet another pediatrician who made similar recommendations about giving Iris formula, despite the fact that she wouldn’t drink it. This pediatrician didn’t seem to have any pressing concerns about Iris during the initial visit, and yet this is right around the time when things went strangely south.

CPS routinely steals children under false pretenses

The pediatrician in question called Jennifer and Scott later in the day after their visit, warning them that Iris wouldn’t “survive the week,” and that they should bring her to the emergency room several days later. Common sense would dictate that if a child’s life was in immediate danger that her parents should take her to the ER immediately, not on some future date – this strange situation prompting Jennifer and Scott to seek out yet another pediatrician.

But they wouldn’t get that far, as CPS would show up at their house just one day after the date they were told by that same pediatrician to take Iris to the ER. CPS officials accompanied by local law enforcement attempted to seize Iris right then and there with neither a warrant nor a judge-signed court order, to which they declined.

While all of this was happening, Jennifer and Scott finally figured out what was wrong, receiving input from people online during a Facebook Live recording that Iris had tongue and lip tie, and that this was preventing her from receiving proper nutrition from her mother’s breastmilk – something that none of the pediatricians they consulted bothered to notice.

In other words, it wasn’t on Jennifer and Scott that their baby was underweight. But they were still targeted by CPS, which used the excuse of “failure to thrive” to eventually take baby Iris from her parents, even though they did nothing wrong – not to mention the fact that Jennifer was a victim of sex trafficking as a child, having been separated from her own family. And as we’ve reported on previous occasions, this type of situation happens all the time, and typically with the excuse of “protecting children.”

Be sure to read Jennifer and Scott’s horrific experience in full at this link.

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