LivingFuel TV joins with a massive library of instructional videos on nutrition and healthy living, the new free speech alternative to YouTube, is already attracting a wide range of interesting and informative videos. Started as a response to YouTube’s censorship of natural health and conservative-leaning videos, the site hasn’t been live for long but it’s already showing tremendous promise.

LivingFuel has now added a library of instructional videos to the site on topics like healthy living and nutrition. The popular superfood nutrition company is run by K.C. Craichy, who started the company to help his wife improve her health and well-being without the need for medication. Their supplements make getting proper, high-quality nutrition easy.

As a speaker and health advocate, Craichy often appears on radio and TV programs. On LivingFuel’s channel, you’ll find a series of videos in which Craichy answers questions submitted by viewers about topics in natural health and nutrition.

For example, Part Two of the series clears up some myths about protein intake. He explains how many people overlook the importance of protein and touches upon some of the ways studies have shown that it can improve our health – for example, by helping people to recover from surgery or address kidney problems. He shares his own guidelines about how much protein a person should get according to their lifestyle, weight, and other factors.

In Part Five, he talks about the very important topic of sleep, an aspect of good health that many people tend to discount. As we focus on getting enough exercise and choosing healthy foods, many of us forget that sleep is just as important in determining her overall health.

He explains that getting the right amount of sleep isn’t enough; it must also be the right kind of sleep if you want to reap its restorative benefits. Craichy explains how even seemingly small amounts of sleep loss can have a big impact on weight loss and mood, and he also talks about sleep’s impact on depression and panic attacks. The video addresses maximizing deep sleep, creating a proper sleep environment, and using the blue light blockers before bedtime.

In Part Seven of the series, he answers a question from a viewer concerned about getting enough fish oil in her diet. In response to her question about whether farm-raised salmon is enough to meet her omega-3 needs, Craichy explains why people need to consume fish with DHA and EPA and how much more difficult this is than most people realize.

Many of the videos also answer questions about specific products offered by LivingFuel. On the channel, you’ll also find information about the company’s superfood products and anniversary messages from satisfied customers. is now up, running, and growing every day is currently functioning in beta mode. Users can now upload and watch videos, and many other useful features will be added soon. The site was started by Mike Adams in response to YouTube’s censorship the entire Natural News channel, with its more than 1000 videos, and its censorship of other sites with similar messages. He built the platform to give people a place to express ideas that can benefit society without worrying about censorship.

New videos are constantly being added, and the site has set its sights big; it was built with the capacity to handle more than 1 billion video views every month. You can check it out at

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