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Just hours after announcing the launch of her Mastering Vaccine Info Foundational Course & Training Boot Camp program, vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny became the target of a massive “astroturfing” assault by pro-vaccine psychopaths who are desperately trying to shut down both the program and her website.

During a recent segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show that aired at, Dr. Tenpenny explained how last year’s beta launch of the program was such a success that she decided to move forward with an official launch this year – which has already drawn in hundreds of interested parties eager to learn how to equip themselves with true vaccine knowledge.

“We had a beta of our course last year, and we had over 70 people enroll,” Dr. Tenpenny stated. “And this year we were ready to take it to a much larger scale to let people know what the course was really all about, and what we’re trying to do is to build confident parents, intelligent leaders, and articulate activists.”

But this obviously caught the attention of the pro-vaccine crowd, which she says launched a full-scale attack on social media in an effort to bring the program to its knees. These lunatics even went so far as to notify federal authorities about it, claiming that it represents a threat to public health and needs to be shut down for good.

“We’ve been emailing into our own email list, and on Facebook, and suddenly, yesterday, we got notification that there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of complaints being filed at health department levels, and three-letter agency levels … that we were scamming people,” Dr. Tenpenny explained.

“We’ve spent the last 24 hours or so with very interested three-letter agencies who have done everything they can to find out who this is, track it back to automated bots, find out where the bots are, and to shut this whole thing down (the attack against her) because [the program] is definitely not a scam,” she emphasized.

“It’s a real course with real people, who we’ve already got hundreds of people already signing up, and many more than that who are already interested because they want to be a part of this movement … We are obviously a much bigger threat than we perceive ourselves to be. Because if we were just a bunch of little fleas on the back of a bear, why would they bother?”

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The real threat to public health is being FORCED to take vaccines without informed consent, and without the option to decline

According to Robert Scott Bell, this attack against Dr. Tenpenny is to be expected. The establishment is obviously threatened by her work – and more importantly, it’s threatened by people learning the truth about vaccines, applying these facts, and deciding that the real threat to public health isn’t not getting vaccinated, but being forcibly injected with vaccines against their will – and without any real science to back up this dangerous medical procedure.

This isn’t the first time that Dr. Tenpenny has faced the ire of the medical “Deep State,” either. As you may recall, she was recently threatened with murder, and for years has been the target of vaccine apologists who’ve tried to silence her.

One of the biggest issues she sees with mandatory vaccination under the guise of “informed consent” is that there’s no real consent involved. Many people don’t have the option to refuse vaccines, so what’s the point in “informing” them about how vaccines might harm them?

“First of all, you don’t get any information,” she says about the process.

“All you get is bullied and brow-beaten and hammered into submission, either to get the vaccine or to sign away on pieces of paper your rights that you shouldn’t be signing. And you’re told that (vaccines) are safe and effective and that [anyone] who thinks otherwise is anti-science, and a conspiracy theorist.”

This is exactly why Dr. Tenpenny is launching her boot camp program: to teach people that they can and should listen to alternative voices on the issue and make decisions for themselves.

“It is an expansion of fully informed consent,” she says about her goal with the program.

“And the problem with informed consent … is that if you do not have a right to say no, then what good is informed consent? You could be informed until the cows come home about every single angle, good and bad, but if you have no right to dissent, have no right to say no, then what good is informed consent?”

So what does the course itself involve? Dr. Tenpenny says it’s about teaching people things like analytical skills, language skills, cybersecurity techniques, and how to build barriers around themselves in order to protect themselves from bullies. These skills, she says, will also help people in other areas of their lives as well.

You can learn more about the program on Facebook by searching for “Vaccine Info” and pulling up Dr. Tenpenny’s page.

“We only want people who are going to put in the time to be part of a team, the resistance, an army of informed, well-versed people,” she says about the program and its intent.

You can learn more about the Mastering Vaccine Info Foundational Course & Training Boot Camp program and sign up for it by visiting and viewing the “Enroll Now” section of the page.

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