Over 100 channels and thousands of new videos now available on Brighteon.com

Brighteon.com is really taking off! We now have thousands of videos uploaded and live, plus over 100 channels are now active, with more joining by the hour.

There are so many amazing channels to view. Check out:

The Health Freedom Hub


Foods That Heal You (focused on CBD)

Living Traditions Homestead

David J. Franco (lots of amazing documentaries)

The Health Ranger Report (all the videos banned by YouTube)

SGT Report

Red List News

… and over 100 more. See them all at Brighteon.com (use the search function to find videos on the topics you like most).

Huge THANK YOU and update from Mike Adams

In the video here, I give you an update and a huge thank you for helping make the launch of Brighteon.com such an early success. Together, we’re building a platform for freedom of expression, hosting hundreds of videos (and many channels) that YouTube and Facebook have outright banned or shadow banned.

Watch my update for an inspiring overview of what we’ve achieved together so far, plus exciting news about what’s yet to come.

Also, spread the word about Brighteon.com and start embedding these videos into your own web pages. The way we win is to encourage people to move off YouTube, Facebook and other globalist-controlled platforms. Start promoting Brighteon.com and we’ll keep building more features while attracting thousands more videos and channels.

Our next goal? 100,000 videos by the end of this year. Help us reach that goal!

Watch my full update below or see it on Brighteon.com.


Create your own video channel for free at Brighteon.com.


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