Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s plan to restore state’s rights could be the answer for protecting health freedom

While no state and no set of state leaders are perfect purveyors of liberty, there are definitely some that are better at it than others. Most states on the left and right coasts have long been dominated by socialists, Marxists and other Left-leaning authoritarians who tend to pay more attention to the Constitution when it suits their political goal and not so much when it doesn’t. (Like the communists used to say, “The ends justifies the means.”)

But most states in the Midwest, South and West tend to have more respect for the nation’s founding document, and the freedoms and liberties it is supposed to guarantee. One of the most ardent defenders of freedom is the state of Texas, whose current governor, Greg Abbott, recently took an extraordinary step toward devolving power from Washington, and returning it to the states and people, the way our founders long ago decided it should be. If he’s successful – and he’ll need a lot of help to be successful – tens of millions of Americans will be reintroduced to long-lost freedoms and liberties to eat, drink, inject (or not inject) what they want.

Last month, Abbott introduced a plan that does not call for or require armed rebellion as the country witnessed recently in Oregon; in fact, Abbott’s plan uses the Constitution to help restore constitutional liberties, as our founders intended.

As reported by NaturalNews, Abbott’s plan, called Restoring the Rule of Law with States Leading the Way, calls for an Article V convention of states to propose new amendments to the Constitution that would once again devolve power from Washington back to the states.

Constitutional scholar and talk host Mark Levin fleshed the convention concept out in great detail in a recent book called The Liberty Amendments, which spelled out 11 new amendments to the Constitution including term limits for judicial appointments, a process by which states can reject Supreme Court decisions, and massive new government regulations, among others.

Article V of the Constitution proscribes two ways that the founding document can be amended. The first way has been used 17 times since the Bill of Rights was adopted: Congress proposes amendments and after a majority of members approves, the amendment is sent to the states where three-fourths must agree for the amendment to be adopted.

But the second way – which has never been used – allows two-thirds of the states to petition Congress to schedule a convention of states, whereby delegates would gather at a predetermined location to discuss and debate a predetermined amendment or set of amendments. Once convened, the delegates would set the rules for debate and passage; a majority would be needed to approve a new amendment, which would then be sent to states where three-fourths would have to approve for it to be added to the Constitution.

What would that do for food and alternative medicine freedom? Advocates say the convention of states process could advance these and other freedoms that would never be recommended or approved by the Congress.

Among Abbott’s proposals, as reported by NaturalNews:

— An amendment requiring future congresses and presidents to pass balanced budgets so that they stop adding to the massive federal debt now at more than $18 trillion, which has doubled under the Obama presidency;

— An amendment giving states power to override a U.S. Supreme Court decision if two-thirds vote to do so, thereby giving states – finally – a means of combating a politicized, life-tenured high court in which often just five people impose rules on all 310 million Americans;

— An amendment that would prohibit the federal Congress from interfering with or regulating activities that take place solely in that state (such as open carry for firearms anywhere, recognizing only traditional marriage, legalizing marijuana etc.);

— An amendment requiring a seven-justice super-majority for the Supreme Court to overturn a state law; and more.

“The Constitution is increasingly eroded with each passing year. That is a tragedy given the volume of blood spilled by patriots to win our country’s freedom and repeatedly defend it over the last 240 years,” begins an executive summary of Abbott’s proposal. “Moreover, the declining relevance of our Nation’s governing legal document is dangerous. Thomas Hobbes’s observation more than 350 years ago remains applicable today: the only thing that separates a nation from anarchy is its collective willingness to know and obey the law.”



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